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Who Does RuPaul’s Makeup

If you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you’re probably wondering, “who does RuPaul’s makeup?” The answer is actually quite simple: Raven McLean! The makeup artist, who has been working with the star since Season 2, has recently won an Emmy for Outstanding Contemporary Makeup in a Variety, Non-Fiction or Reality Program. During our recent interview with her, we learned more about her process and how she comes up with the distinctive RuPaul look.

The most obvious answer is a makeup artist. RuPaul’s personal artist is Raven, who started working with the show after Mathu Andersen quit just before filming began. RuPaul’s Drag Race series is sponsored by Colorevolution, which she also helped create. The MAC brand is a sponsor of the show. The two companies have collaborated on a campaign called “Viva Glam,” and Raven is also the creative producer of the show.

RuPaul’s makeup artist is a longtime collaborator, Mathu Andersen. Unfortunately, Andersen quit the show when filming began for season nine. Currently, Andersen assists RuPaul in her preparation for the Drag Race. So far, RuPaul has released a makeup line with two different brands: MAC and Colorevolution. During the show’s ninth season, MAC launched its campaign, Viva Glam.

RuPaul’s makeup team consists of several people. The team of professionals and the participants of the “All-Stars” edition have worked together to create the most glamorous looks ever. They are talented, and very beautiful! They are also very talented artists! There are several ways to achieve the same look! If you’re curious about who does RuPaul’s makeup, consider this! This is an excellent way to get a glimpse of the process behind the glamour that makes her so famous!

RuPaul’s makeup team consists of two people. Her team is made up of many talented individuals who work hard to look good and make their faces look amazing. Among the two, Mathu Anderson and Raven are the only two people who have worked together with RuPaul. They have been working with each other for a decade and have made several collaborations with a few brands. During Season nine, she was the creative producer of the show.

Another key to RuPaul’s makeup team is Raven. She has been doing the star’s makeup since Season three. She is the first to do RuPaul’s makeup, and she is the only one to make sure the wigs stay in place. But she is not the only one who does it. She also helps other contestants and has a team that assists her every episode. The beauty team is one of the key ingredients to RuPaul’s success.

RuPaul’s makeup team has two regulars. They are Delta Work, a former contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race season three. She also has a long-time collaborator, Mathu Anderson. She was RuPaul’s makeup artist for eight years, but she and Mathu split at the beginning of the ninth season. Despite the longtime relationship between the two, her collaborations with brands like MAC and Colorevolution have been her mainstays.

who does rupauls makeup


Raven is RuPaul’s personal makeup artist. She is the second most important person on her team. She helps prepare the drag queens for their appearances. She has been collaborating with two different companies for her makeup for several years, but she’s mainly partnered with MAC and Colorevolution. The latter is her official sponsor for the Drag Race. The brand has launched products with her name on the packaging, which is a must for every episode of the show.

The makeup artist on RuPaul’s show is Raven. Originally, RuPaul’s makeup artist Mathu Andersen quit the show when filming was about to start. However, Raven has continued to work with RuPaul and has teamed up with MAC and Colorevolution for the makeup collection. She is also the creative producer of the show. The two companies have collaborated on several projects and have collaborated for two seasons of the Drag Race.

RuPaul’s drag mother is Sharon Needles, and she has been doing drag since 2014. Her sister, Shea Coulee, a former reality show performer, recently got corrective dental surgery. Shea also has a close relationship with RuPaul. In addition to hiring a professional makeup artist, she also has an awesome team of drag queens to help her with her appearance. In addition to the makeup artist, RuPaul has two assistants. Moreover, she is the host of the Drag Race’s website.

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