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What is a Valance

If you’re planning on installing a window treatment, you’ve likely wondered: What is a valance? Valances are window treatments that frame windows. They are available in different styles, including gathered, grommeted, and straight varieties. There are many ways to install a valance, too. For a tutorial, visit our website! But first, let’s discuss a bit about the different types.

Valances are typically layered to give the windows a more interesting look. You can also choose between alternating patterns, fabrics, and colors. You can even connect the colors of your living room’s decor with a patterned valance. In general, valances can accomplish several things stylistically. But how do you choose which one is best for your windows? Here are some tips to help you decide.

Choosing the right size for your window is crucial. Valances can vary in width from three to five feet, but they should always be at least three-fourths of the window’s height. A standard 36-inch window requires between one-and-a-half feet of valance. This allows you to hang the valance alone or pair it with curtains or shutters. Valances can also serve as a decorative feature, hiding the curtain fixtures underneath.

While choosing the right type of valance depends on your room, there are a few different styles you can consider. Swags are one type of valance. The swag is another. Swags can be gathered and layered. Swags and bias valances can be tailored to match the window. Lastly, if you want a swag to be asymmetrical, a swag is a great option.

A valance is a simple window treatment that can be a great addition to existing window treatments. This type of window treatment conceals unsightly window hardware while adding softness and texture to your decor. You can use valances as a standalone treatment or integrate them with other window treatments to add interest and depth to the space. No matter what style of window treatment you choose, a valance will add a finishing touch to your window treatments.

A valance is usually made of fabric, and is gathered, pleated, or draped to resemble a swag. They can be made of any type of fabric, but most are made of silk, faux silk, or jacquard. Most are lined with extra fabric on the back to keep solar rays from damaging the fabric. Some valances are referred to as balloon valances, while others are referred to as scarf valances.

A valance is a window treatment made of fabric or wood that hangs from the top of the window. They help soften the window without the use of heavy drapery or blinds. They’re also great for rooms with unsupervised children. Because they don’t hang to the floor, a valance can be installed without a cord or other structure. In addition to their practical uses, valances can help conceal architectural flaws and tie in with furniture fabrics and fabric selections.

what is a valance

A valance is a short curtain, usually about a foot long, that hangs over a main window curtain. Another type of valance is a box valance, which is made of a solid board and covered with fabric. These two window treatments are often used in combination, and their primary difference is the construction. A cornice is made of a board, while a valance is made of fabric. The sides may also be finished, as well. Both types are manufactured by the same manufacturer.

Valances can add height and dimension to your windows and compliment the rest of your room’s decor. If you use them as stand-alone window treatments, they can easily be replaced if needed. In addition to being a useful and versatile window treatment, valances can also add a seasonal or contemporary color to your rooms without having to spend a lot of money on replacement drapes. The valances are a good choice for high windows and will give a room a more polished and finished look.

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