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The Dragon Prince’s Bride

The Dragon Prince’s Bride is a stand alone, paranormal romance novel. The main character, Tray, is a young man who has survived terrible hardships. He was sold into slavery by his father and is being ruled by an angry master. When his sister, Leinani, is injured, Sylvia decides to help him, despite the language barrier. As their relationship deepens, Tray’s dragon recognizes her as his mate. He becomes smitten with her and she must decide if freedom is worth risking everything for love.

After enduring terrible hardships and sufferings, Princess Leinani has finally made peace with leaving the tropical island she has known her entire life to rule Alaska. Her mate, Tray, wants nothing to do with the responsibility of ruling, and wants nothing to do with it. However, their lives are destined to change when she discovers a wounded stranger in the woods. Despite the language barrier, Sylvia decides to help the man, putting her life in danger. While she is attempting to help the man, a dangerous secret is revealed. Once they are in contact, it is up to the two of them to decide whether they will fall in love and free themselves.

As the oldest daughter of the royal Mo’rea dragon line, Leinani has made peace with leaving her tropical home to become queen of Alaska. But, her newfound responsibility for the Compact, which binds the Small Kingdoms Alliance, stops him from fulfilling the role of a true queen. Eventually, the dragon prince decides to take Leinani as his bride. Neither can refuse her. The two have to fight for their freedom.

The story of the Dragon Prince’s Bride is a fantasy adventure novel that follows the lives of two unlikely characters. The story starts with Tray’s father abandoning her and a harsh master who rules over their lives. But, as their relationship evolves, Sylvia must fight to save her friend from an enemy, while thwarting his plot. It’s not easy, but the result is a thrilling ride!

The Dragon Prince’s Bride is a fantasy novel that follows a young girl’s journey from birth to adulthood. She is a princess of the small kingdoms and is the oldest daughter of a royal dragon line. She has to learn the laws of love, respect, and responsibility while she is on her way to becoming queen of Alaska. The story is set in the Pacific Northwest and takes place in an alternate world.

In the Dragon Prince’s Bride, Leinani, the oldest daughter of the royal dragon line, is the first to become the queen of Alaska. Her father has sold her into slavery, and she has no choice but to live under a cruel master. In the meantime, she has to make peace with her fate. The conflict between her father and her brother is complicated by her own family history and the relationship between the two women.

Sylvia has experienced a lot, including being sold into slavery and being ruled by an evil master. Her father was cruel to her, but her harsh master does not allow her to love her. Despite her challenges, Sylvia has never given up hope. Her love for Tray is the most powerful of all. Her life depends on her ability to find a way to get to her husband. In this book, her destiny plays a vital role in saving her.

Leinani has been through a lot. Her father sold her into slavery and she is now under a cruel master. She is determined to make up her mind about leaving her tropical home to become the queen of Alaska, despite the fact that she doesn’t speak the language. But fate has other plans for her. She must choose between love and freedom. In order to save her family, she must leave her husband and the dragon.

Leinani is the oldest daughter of the royal Mo’rea dragon line and has made peace with her father’s decision to leave her tropical home and become the queen of the small island of Alaska. But despite this, she is forced to make a tough decision as she struggles to find her true identity and find her future. But fate has other plans for Leinani. He wants her to be free and will be able to marry a man she loves.

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