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How to Tell If Your Crystal is Real

The best way to tell whether a crystal is real is to examine its clarity, color, and weight. A natural crystal is generally heavier than glass, and a fake one is usually lighter. You can perform this weight test by weighing a similar sized crystal against a piece of glass. If the fake is much lighter, it is probably a fake. Also, be aware that synthetic crystals are treated with dye or heat to make them more colorful or vibrant.

If your crystal is too clear, it is probably not a real crystal. The clarity of glass will be completely clear, and it will have little bubbles inside of it. A real crystal will have inclusions. The crystal lattice structure will have inclusions. Unlike glass, most real crystals will have these bubbles. You can recognize a fake crystal by its price tag. Some fakes may be cheaper than the genuine item.

When buying a crystal, look for imperfections. A genuine crystal will have some flaws. A symmetrical crystal is not a genuine one. If the color is too pale, it’s likely a fake. Air bubbles and glassy appearance are other signs that the crystal is not real. A new seller may not have the reputation of an established retailer, so it’s best to do some research before buying from them.

When buying crystal online, watch out for fake retailers. They may not be able to provide solid answers and could be selling a fake. Try to get as much information as you can from your supplier. Always be skeptical of the price because it may be a fake. If the price is too high, it’s probably a fake. If you don’t know the quality of the material, it’s probably a fake.

If the crystal is clear and has sharp edges, it’s most likely a fake. If the crystal is too clear, it’s probably a fake. It’s best to avoid these fakes at all costs. You’ll never know if your crystal is fake. The best way to tell if it’s real is to check the price. A genuine crystal will cost more than a cheap imitation.

Besides looking for the name, it’s also important to check the clarity of the crystal. The correct clarity is essential to the healing properties of a crystal. A genuine crystal has many inclusions. Otherwise, it’s a fake. A crystal that is clear isn’t real. A true stone will be filled with little bubbles. A clear crystal will not have any bubbles. Inclusions are essential for a genuine crystal.

Another way to tell if your crystal is a fake is to look at it closely. You can’t tell if a crystal is fake because it’s too clear, or because it is glass. If it’s too clear, it’s probably a fake. A crystal with inclusions is the most expensive type of crystal, but it will cost you much more than a genuine one.

how to tell if your crystal is real

When you’re not sure how to tell if your crystal is real, remember that it’s impossible to see flaws in a real crystal. A genuine crystal will have some chips or imperfections. A synthetic one will be completely unrecognizable, as it won’t have any symmetry or perfect pattern on both sides. A crystal with a perfectly smooth and unbroken surface is probably fake. This will make it look unnatural.

A crystal should be weighed against a piece of glass to determine its density. The weight of a genuine crystal should be heavier than a piece of glass. If it’s lighter, it’s probably a fake. In fact, a fake crystal has a light weight and is not as dense as a genuine one. If you’re not sure how to tell if your crystal is real, then you should take it to a lab.

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