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How to Become a God

So, you want to know how to become a god? It is possible, but you may be asking yourself if it is really possible. Then, here are some helpful tips. It seems strange to seek a teacher, but there are enlightened masters who have achieved godhood. You might think they are not around, but they are actually living proof that it is possible to become godlike. Read on to discover what they have done to attain godhood.

Firstly, you can consider the motive behind your quest. Is it primarily for immortality or for something else? You may seek immortality as a secondary effect of godhood, not as the main objective. In this case, you may not even be looking for divinity if your aim is to live forever. In other words, you might not have any intention of becoming god, but simply want to live forever. It is important to realize that neither of these motives are incompatible.

If you can’t bear the idea of killing a god, there is another way: make a fake god. The Demiurge and other imperfect creators have barred mortals from accessing their source of creation. A god’s creations are not complete until the Demiurge and other fallen gods have destroyed them, and if he or she has become a problem, the other gods will personally come to the rescue.

A second way to make yourself a god is to serve a thousand-year shift. You can’t just extend your life for a thousand years, but you can make yourself a god. This is possible, and you can do it by following the teachings of Spencer W. Kimball. There are many good books out there on the subject. You might want to start by reading The Miracle of Forgiveness to get a better understanding of what it takes to become a god.

Developing a godlike quality is a journey. It takes time, practice, and a lot of effort. The process is not always easy, but it is definitely possible. And it’s important to be prepared for whatever journey you may undertake. You may need to work hard on it, but you’ll be glad you did. A god’s body can be as diverse as his or her mind. And in order to achieve godhood, you’ll need to be ready to face your fears and be willing to work hard.

how to become a god

If you want eternal life, you need to learn how to become a god. Gods are people who have learned how to become gods. It’s in our nature to become gods, so we must learn how to become a god, a king, and a priest of the Lord. And since God created man in His own image, he organized us to maximize our intelligence and truth. With enough dedication, we can become a god.

Developing godhood requires a faithful follower of the gospel. By doing this, they will develop powers, intelligence, and knowledge. They’ll be able to call together elements of space and organize matter into worlds. They will have the ability to understand and control natural forces, and they’ll be able to rule the universe as a god. The process is an arduous one. But it can be done!

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