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Where Can I Buy Ilia Makeup

When searching for a natural makeup brand, you may be wondering where to buy Ilia. The beauty brand’s ethos is based on the belief that skin should look like skin, with a natural radiance. Its formulations are crafted with both natural and synthetic ingredients to offer performance and a safe …

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How Long Did Jim Carrey’s Makeup Take For the Grinch Mask

The mask in the film starred Jim Carrey, who was also an actor, and it took eight and a half hours to put it on. The actor was adamant that the mask would last only a few minutes, but his reaction during filming was a far cry from what many …

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Variations of the Blue Schoolgirl Outfit

Leather Harness For Women

The classic blue schoolgirl outfit has many variations, but it is always a sure hit, no matter what the occasion. You can dress up as Cher or Matilda in a spiffy hat or pigtails, and a cute headband will give you a very innocent look. For a little extra flair, …

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